Yesterday during volunteer day!

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Yesterday October 25th, we had a couple of volunteers at Staten Island’s Rooftop Farm. Our goal was to weed all of the vegetation growing in the “vegetation free” walkway by digging the roots out. It was a success! We also began to set up a timed watering system so the plants can get the water they need when the sun rises! Come volunteer next week if you couldn’t make it this week! Enjoy the beautiful weather!


Volunteer this Saturday October 25th @ St. George’s Rooftop Farm!

This Saturday 11-4pm we are accepting volunteers to continue forming & caring for our Staten Island St. George Rooftop Farm! Gather with people from your community to learn new things and make a difference for others! Sign up here!

Tell your friends about this wonderful project! Have a great day!

Living Roof SI

Watch the project come to life!


Volunteer Day October 18th 2014!


With a little teamwork and gardening tools we got a lot accomplished today on the Living Roof in St. George on Staten Island! There was some last minute tilling and preparing for the plants to meet their new home! Today we planted brussels sprouts, fennel and collard greens. A total of 600 plants! Can’t wait to watch these beauties grow!